The First Sonic the Hedgehog Game by Sega

The first sonic the hedgehog game was a massive commercial success of its time. Sega gamers everywhere adored the new mascot of Sega – the little blue hedgehog with an attitude. Sonic’s extraordinary speed and the high-speed platform of the game were unique features that catapulted the game to rip-roaring success.

Here are the details of the plot of this famous Sega game:

South Island’s tropical paradise is in trouble as Sonic, the hedgehog’s little friends start disappearing one by one. It turns out Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the villain of the game, is kidnapping them and converting them into little robots known as Badniks.
The evil doctor’s plan is to collect all 6 of the fabled Chaos Emeralds and take over South Island.

Sonic has to race through different zones and battle the baddies to collect the 6 emeralds himself. The game has 7 elaborate levels of play with a lot of secret zones as well.
From engaging in combat with the evil doctor and his deadly machines to collecting golden rings to fleeing his friends at the end of each zone, this Sonic game packs quite a punch.